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Introducing the New Approvals App in Microsoft Teams

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If you are keen to streamline your request/approval management process on Microsoft Teams, we’ve got good news for you – Microsoft recently announced the release of its new Approvals app. Now, all employees, from corporate board members to frontline workers, can create, share, and manage approvals via a handy centralized hub.   

The release of the Approvals app was first announced in September last year, leading to plenty of hype among Teams users. Fortunately, it hasn’t disappointed and can easily streamline requests to save businesses time, effort, and money.

How can I find the new Approvals app?

The app is available to Microsoft Office 365 subscribers. You can add it to your Teams account with a few simple clicks using the app searching facility. Approvals is a native application in Teams and will automatically activate if your administrator has enabled Power Automate within your organization. 

What makes the new app so useful?

The Approvals App allows users to share requests directly from their hub to streamline teamwork flows. Users can generate approvals for anything from time off requests to client sign-off tasks, all in one easy-to-access place. If you’re looking to automate workflows and spend more time on creative tasks, the Approvals app represents a step in the right direction.

Setting up an approval flow is quick and easy and can be completed within a channel conversation, chat thread, or the Approvals app itself. Simply select the kind of approval you require, fill out relevant details, attach documents, and select who needs to approve your request. Once you have submitted your request, approvers are notified and permitted to review it. The app also allows for e-signatures.

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A quick guide to using Approvals

If you’re new to Approvals, here is a quick step-by-step guide to its applications: 

  1. Generate an approval request

To create an approval in a channel conversation or chat, select the “Approvals” button and enter as much detail as you need. You could, for example, request vacation time or medical leave, ask superiors to approve expense reports, or ask a manager to sign off some content edits. If you need to upload a medical note or other relevant documents, you can do so before hitting “Send.”

  1. Approve or decline a request

If a colleague needs you to sign off on something, Microsoft Teams will send you an automatic request notification. You can review all inputted details and, once you have made a decision, hit the approve or reject buttons. 

  1. Manage and track your approvals

The app allows users to track vital details about requests and approvals, including the status, name of requestor and approver(s), and request source. 

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Need help with the new Approvals app? 

The Microsoft Teams Approvals app is sure to be a gamechanger for businesses worldwide, particularly as an increasing number of people are working remotely. If you want to learn more about how to use this technology, Microsoft offers detailed support articles. Alternatively, reach out to your managed service provider (MSP) for personalized assistance. Don't have an MSP? Get in touch. Blueteam Networks provides affordable, custom managed IT services for small to medium-sized businesses in Columbus and Central Ohio. 

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