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Small Businesses Increase Productivity with OneNote

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Microsoft OneNote has revolutionized the way small businesses take notes and organize them. In Microsoft’s grand tradition of innovation, OneNote takes the core features of Microsoft Word and Excel, and refines them into a program designed to maximize productivity for small businesses.

Sharing and Storage Capabilities

One of the key features behind OneNote’s ability to cater to a wide variety of professionals is its sharing capabilities. OneNote gives users the ability to instantly share and collaborate on notes with other OneNote users anytime, anywhere, which is extremely critical given the challenges 2020 has brought about with much of the workforce working form home. No more hunting and pecking through long email threads.

Microsoft OneNote doesn’t just look to dump large amounts of text into your cloud storage, it’s also about helping you organize and manage it. Users appreciate the search feature when looking for particular information regarding a project.  Users can coordinate their notes across multiple devices, cutting out the clunky need for third-party sharing applications and long emails threads.

Every user receives 5GB of free cloud storage for OneNote for every Microsoft account they own. This is ample space for most employees looking to create a well-structured documentation of their most vital resources, and for small businesses in need of good IT management software.

For medium to large scale businesses, OneNote offers up to 1TB (1024GB) of storage to every Microsoft 365 subscriber.

Project Management Help

OneNote can help streamline project management within an organization. It alleviates problems and delays with communication and misunderstandings between team members. Best of all it helps keep project resources in place. Project managers can use OneNote to see the status of each team members contributions and keep track of overall project status. 

Extract Text from Images

Note taking isn’t always as easy as copying and pasting text. For older, handwritten documents or text files that are scanned and saved as PDFs, the transferring of this information usually requires manual transcription – something both time-consuming and with an uncertain accuracy rate depending on the skills of the transcriber.

With Optical Character Recognition (OCR), transcribing image-based text is as easy as one click. Using state of the art matrix matching technology, Optical Character Recognition software converts images of handwritten or printed text into electronic, machine-coded text.

The efficiency of this technology is great for businesses that need large amounts of data entry from both physical and digital documents like pay slips, invoices and bank statements.

Although the technology still isn’t perfect, OCR offers an accuracy rate between 95%-99% depending on the clarity of the script and word context input.

Equation Solving

The program’s Math Assistant is there to quickly help you through calculations and display step-by-step techniques to help you work through them.

For businesses where accounting accuracy is paramount, this feature cannot be understated for its usefulness and detailed breakdowns. Simply enter your equation and click on the action box you want the Math Assistant to take, and let the software do the rest. If you want a more hands-on approach, you can also use the breakdown feature to let Math Assistant walk you through the entire equation and solving process.

Immersive Reader

Multitask much? Use the immersive reader to read text aloud. This can useful for busy employees and executives looking to maximize time. It also helps with proof reading document drafts by listening to them being read aloud. 

Microsoft OneNote pushes note taking to a new level of digital data management. If you own a small business, Microsoft OneNote makes it easy to create, tag, organize, and store notes for any project across your organization. 

Let's talk about how OneNote and Office 365 can streamline your business!

*Storage rates are accurate as of the publish date.