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Stay Productive Despite Covid-19 with Microsoft Teams

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More people than ever are working from home thanks to COVID-19. This situtation has led to a few different trends regarding productivity - some workers are getting more done from home, while others are struggling to keep up. Fortunately, there are some tools that can help level the playing field for people who are working from home.

What are some ways to make sure that your staff remains as productive as possible despite not being able to come into the office? Below we explore how Microsoft Teams can help your organization meet the needs of employees working remotely and ensure business continuity.

What is Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has been transforming team communications since its inception, but the increased demand for remote work has allowed the collaboration tools in Teams to really shine. Microsoft Teams offers a variety of features that can prove quite helpful during this time, such as videoconferencing tools, file storage, chat, and other methods of collaboration. Although you can access Microsoft Teams with a Microsoft Office license, most businesses with more than 10 users will benefit from a professional IT team managing this service. 


With Microsoft Teams, employees will have access to communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere. Whether your staff is in the office or working from home your team needs to be able to communicate and collaborate effortlessly in real-time. Microsoft Teams make this kind of collaboration easy, whether you are trying to share a file,  screen-share a presentation, or participate a videoconference with dozens of other employees.

The private chat options are easy to use and convenient, and it can help reduce the number of dreaded e-mails back and forth. This is a seamless way for those working remotely or in another office location to communicate, and it allows staff to remain connected everywhere they need to be.

In addition, you can even create Live Events with Microsoft Teams, which can handle thousands of viewers at a time. This is ideal for companies and individuals who are looking to adapt speaking engagements or webinars to a COVID-19-friendly medium.

Stay Ready

One of the most critical aspects of remote work is the ability to remain adaptable and flexible. Microsoft Teams understands this, which is why the platform is designed to handle all sorts of communication styles and needs. Microsoft Teams is a unified solution so people who work from home are less likely to experience outages, interruptions, or troubleshooting events.

COVID-19 has transformed the workplace. Employees and managers need to be able to collaborate and communicate as efficiently as possible. If you are looking for a platform that allows work to continue no matter what 2021 brings, consider Microsoft Teams for your organization’s needs.

Let's talk about how Office 365 and Teams can streamline your business!