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Supercharge Your Team’s Productivity with Google Chrome Extensions

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Unless you’re naturally laser-focused and immune to the distractions of social media, you’ll know that working online can present challenges to your productivity. To ensure you and your team reach your daily goals, consider installing some Google Chrome extensions that boost focus and attention. 

Chrome is a fantastic browser due to its quick loading speeds and performance optimization features. However, its impressive array of features can also present tempting distractions during key work hours. Who hasn’t cheekily viewed a YouTube video or scrolled through Twitter at some point in their professional life? While occasional blips are to be expected, some workers may fall victim to severe procrastination habits and start missing vital deadlines.

The good news is that there are plenty of productivity tools available to help employees live up to their potential. If you’re wondering where to start, we’ve put together a handy list of the best Google Chrome extensions designed to nurture focus and attention. If you happen to be a Microsoft Edge user you’re in luck! Chrome extensions work with the Microsoft Edge browser.

Ten extensions to download today

Installing Chrome extensions is quick, easy, and often free. Here are a few to consider downloading:

1. AdBlock

You’ve probably heard of AdBlock if you’re a keen video streamer. In short, this valuable extension prevents most ads from appearing on your screen, thus helping you avoid distractions, preventing workers from clicking on malware disguised as ads, and significantly boosting your browser speed. What’s not to love?

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2. LastPass

Do you forget your passwords for almost all your accounts? You’re not alone. With subscription services on the rise, most of us have to remember tons of passwords every time we log on. While retrieving a password is usually pretty straightforward, it can take time and eat into your productivity. This is where LastPass comes in. This built-in password manager generates novel passwords every time you log into a webpage, offering easy and secure access to your online accounts and credit card details. 

3. BlockSite

BlockSite allows administrators to block distracting or harmful websites. Fed up with your team browsing celeb gossip sites while they’re supposed to be working? With BlockSite, you can stop this procrastination with a few simple clicks.

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4. Pocket

Pocket is an intuitive extension that allows you to store interesting web pages or videos for later – great news if you’re a notorious tab opener. Simply click the Pocket extension when you spot something you’d like to read later. Pocket will automatically save it for viewing in your spare time.

5. Google Keep

Does your team struggle to organize their data or take actionable notes? Google Keep could enhance your notetaking abilities thanks to its intuitive to-do list, page-saving, and voice memo features.

6. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper allows users to bookmark and save content with a few simple clicks. If that weren’t enough, it allows users to save distraction-free versions of web pages, add annotations, and generate summary links.

7. Momentum

Momentum allows users to replace their default landing page with a customized interface full of productivity-boosting widgets. From to-do lists to pinned websites, Momentum offers helpful reminders and shortcuts that could supercharge your capabilities.

8. StayFocused

As the name suggests, StayFocused eliminates distractions by limiting the amount of time you can spend on certain websites. If there’s an important deadline approaching, you can also activate the so-called “Nuclear Option”, which prevents access to particular websites between specified times.

9. Clockify Time Tracker

If you’re wondering how much time you and your colleagues spend on time-wasting websites, Clockify Time Tracker will deliver the dreaded stats. You can then harness these results to cut down on harmful habits. The extension also includes handy features for scheduling breaks, detecting idle times, and setting helpful reminders. 

10. Noisli

Believe it or not, certain sounds have the power to focus the mind and help employees produce their best work. Noisli is designed to pump inspiring sounds into the ears of your team members, from gentle rain to crackling fireplaces. Try it out if you work in a distracting open office or at home– the results may surprise you! 

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Bolster your productivity today with Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is brimming with helpful extensions designed to help modern workers reach their full potential. If you have any tools you use to help you and your team stay focused please share them in the comments.  For more helpful tips and tricks subscribe to our blog today

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