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Blueteam Networks

Here's a blog from the Blueteam Networks experts where they offer IT strategies, cybersecurity updates, and tips for Columbus and Central Ohio businesses.

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Reply Chain Phishing: What Your Business Needs to Know

Cyber crimes reached new heights and drew more attention than ever in 2021. 

12 Ways to Optimize Security for Office 365

If you own a business or run an IT department, you and your staff are probably using Microsoft...

Why You Should Outsource IT Support for Your Business

Are you considering outsourcing your IT operations? Perhaps you run a small-to-medium-sized...

The 5 Most Prevalent Types of Cyber Scams Aimed at Businesses

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Cyber scams are nothing new – they’ve been around since...

Is Your Business a Sitting Duck

Unfortunately, small businesses are under attack. In fact, as you read this, extremely dangerous...

Embracing the New Remote Work Trend? Here’s How to Prepare Your Network

Before 2020 shook up all of our lives, remote working was considered the domain of freelancers,...

5 Ways to Protect Your Email Accounts

Not a day goes by without another news story about cyber attacks. Email security should be a top...